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Hello, I'm Dolly (1967)

"Hello, I'm Dolly" was the debut album by Dolly Parton, released on February 12, 1967 by Monument Records.  Dolly began her career in 1959 when she signed to Goldband Records.  She released three singles, but it led to nothing and she left the label in 1965, signing to Monument Records as a pop artist that same year.  After three more unsuccessful singles, Dolly released a country single, which was successful and led to the release of this album.  It produced two more singles, and gained the attention of fellow Country superstar Porter Wagoner, however she remained largely unknown to the world.

Track Listing:

  1. Dumb Blonde
  2. Your Ol' Handy Man
  3. I Don't Wanna Throw Rice
  4. Put It Off Until Tomorrow
  5. I Wasted My Tears
  6. Something Fishy
  7. Fuel To The Flame
  8. The Giving And The Taking
  9. I'm In No Condition
  10. The Company You Keep
  11. I've Lived My Life
  12. The Little Things
  13. If Cupid Had a Heart


  1. Put It Off Until Tomorrow (1966)
  2. Dumb Blonde (1967)
  3. Something Fishy (1967)